Jodiann Here!  

Aka Bean. 

How  did I become this nature loving, tree hugging , dare I say, “hippie freak” dome house dweller with more pets than kids? 

I grew up the last child in the real Brady Bunch. NOT the one with the astro turf backyard, the rowdy ones. Instead of flying football to the face it was… think fast…with flaming tennis balls? 


That’s me the cute one.

YES we got teased constantly about there being 6 of us and how we sort of resembled the Bradys. The Goodman’s never got  lost in the Grand Canyon or Cursed by Tikis in Hawaii.  In your face, Bradys.


Big Brother, Randy and his bull snake. I’m the one locking my knees.

How  DID I become this nature loving, tree hugging , dare I say, “hippie freak” dome house dweller with more pets than kids? 


Maybe I was always like this?  Looks that way. 

This and other questions as well as family stories, and everyday confessions abound in Family-Life.  Stay up to date on all the happenings around our hilltop house. Includes updates on the hubs, kids, pets, and wildlife!!

Jack and I picture here?

Jack and I have two growing man-boys I can’t seem to stop homeschooling, even though they were done years ago. They don’t leave and we don’t make them. It works. Who else would be play Halo with?


 Dillon and Nathan



We are TOOL nuts! I once got a chainsaw for my birthday!

The Best! 

DIY Image Here?

Visit The Out-House to see the crazy stuff we try to do around the house.

Wildlife picture Skunk?

Wild Things find us pretty easily, skunks, snakes, tarantula, armadillo, opossum and even a raccoon or two.  Passing through or hanging out a while, all are welcome.

 Its kind of the same with the pets except they have the house too. See them at Animal Crackers.


Andrew and his Bunny, ahem…Manly Andrew and his Brute Bunny Bro chock full of Testosterone.

Pie Pic Here?

I got this thing about pie. I won’t explain it, its bigger than all of us. 

Someday I want one of these…


I have never learned to knit or crochet.  I would rather dig a hole and plant a pie hat tree. No luck so far. Might have to try rubbing a pair of knitting needles together. Find out if I ever do. Crafts

In Design, find Sky Pie Bytes Digital Scrapbook Products. Both freebies and for pay downloads.


Not your typical designer I tried the kit making thing and found it …fantastic!! For the first half then crash and burn.  My real passion is the TOOLS!  Designing tools for other designers to use to make Scrap Kits is where its at for me. I might be ready to take the plunge into Kit Making again with Design Stars at ScrapMatters Early  in 2012.  I think I am ready. *grin*

I draw my inspiration for designing mostly from  what I love…the garden, nature, wildlife, my all boy family. But inspiration can come from anywhere, quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, interior design, DIY, woodworking, movies and even video games.

I am a proud member of Kim B. Designs Creative Team! 


Oh! Something new…Swing by Fat So Long for updates on my journey toward a healthier me and you too!

I am so glad you are here, love you for stopping by!!

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  1. Wanda Knight
    Wanda Knight April 13, 2012 at 8:36 am | | Reply

    Hello Jodiann, I Am writing to Thank You for your kindness and appreciation in sending me the pattern. Thanks Again, Wanda Knight

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