Guinea Birds

Ninja Guineas fade into the bamboo. Now you see them, now you don’t.

Bye Bye Grayton

Poor Silly Guinea-Bird Grayton always refused to roost up high, he preferred our lawn furniture. Well it was the death of him. Something, we think, spooked him. He tried to get into the nearest tree, but he was out of practice and broke his guinea neck. We buried him under his bachelor tree, the place he went when he wanted… Read more →

Guinea Wrangling!

Guinea Wrangling!

  Let me tell you about my sweet neighbor Kelly… Dillon, Nathan and I had gone over to visit our Helen, she had a little something for the boys to do, dig some holes plants, some trees…that sort of thing. We were on our way back when we see Kelly driving a bit wild on her riding mower. Hmmm? We… Read more →