Dinner Menu: August Week 3

Pictured: Thai Beef Rolls on Sundried Tomato Tortillas

The stuff we really like! Compiling a Greatest Hits this week from the months of exploration into vegetarian meals and some with meat. Ordered by preference.

1. Hard Hats, Bacon, Roast Vegetables Substitute Canadian Bacon and add Sweet Potato and Dried Cranberries by the handful! I serve it with nothing else. Great cold too!


2. Baked Ziti with added Zucchini shreds. Mixed Green Salad, Rolls. I make two small (9 inch bakers) one for the freezer one for the oven. You will feel like a Genius!


3. Thai Beef Rolls Substitute whatever for the fish sauce, be sure to do the ginger it makes whatever you substitute seem right on. Try with Lavash Bread instead of tortillas.


4. Veggie Burgers w/Quinoa Recipe , Raised Wheat Rolls for buns, Sweet Potato Fries. Add 10 sundried tomatoes to bean mixture before processing. Delish! Roll leftover mixture into balls and freeze on a cookie sheet, then drop into zip bag. Great addition to Roast Vegetables, or stir fry. Pita Bread also works as buns, especially if the patties fall apart. Cool Ranch Dressing will make your veggie burger pita day!


5. This is awesome! As long as the onion and garlic are saute’ed with the zucchini instead of left raw. Penne Zucchini Pistou Process most of the zucchini into the sauce but keep out what equals one large zuc to toss with the Penne. I also chopped up a ripe tomato to toss in there too and sprinkled a little Parm Shreads. Keep the sauce separate for serving with your picky eaters. They will love the simple Penne, Zuc, Tomato, cheese mixture! Pecans worked well instead of the Pine Nuts I couldn’t find. But they needed to be roasted. I dropped them in the processor raw and they had some bitters.

6. Bean Burritos  Spinach Salad, Flan. The winning combination! The savory burritos, the greens and bite of the salad, and smooth sweet Flan. You will drag yourself away from the table with a smile.  Spinach Salad.

7. The Fastest, Freshest Tomato Sauce for spaghetti EVER! Quick Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce Spaghetti, French Bread.


Ratatouille Just like the movie! YUM! Liked it over a rice. But had it cold over a hot baked sweet potato the next day and it was fabulous!

Curried Tofu, Rice, Mixed Green Salad. Substitute mushrooms for the tomatoes, marinate the tofu in soy sauce overnight, and slice it into bite size pieces not big triangles. I was afraid of the amount of curry at first, but the coconut mixture tamed it right down. I picked a sweeeeet coconut mixture used in mixed drinks. I know its not all that healthy but it sure makes this dish the wonder it is! YUM-YUM!!


Now I am really hungry!



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  1. shuckclod
    shuckclod August 16, 2012 at 12:43 am | | Reply

    Sounds good except for tofu and flan. I also wanted to tell you the blog train is up with the overlays and the big note of yours I used the same overlay on all. I rotated it. Those swirls & circles I got at a great brush/shape site. photoshopgraphics.com Have a great rest of the week.

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