Dinner Menu: August Week 2


Plenty of Zucchini to use up here. I think MOST this week’s recipes call for ZUC. You could substitute golden potato, sweet potato, broccoli, mushrooms, even meat…gasp!  For added COOL, try adding these after cooking, Cucumber, Avacado, Tomato.  Still looking for cooling foods for hot weather and listed some this week. Always can use more. What do you make when you don’t want to heat up the house?


Penne Zucchini Pistou  planning to saute onions, garlic, and Zucchini together instead of just the Zuc after reading reviews on the page.


Grilled Tofu With Garden Vegetables  with Pita Bread. Cut fresh Nectarines with fresh chopped mint.


Summer Vegetable Fritata I like a little red curry powder in dishes heavy on eggs. Shirks the “eggy” taste.  I like the “dirt road” taste.


Chillin’ With The Eagles


Prosciutto Peach Salad Nectarines are in season. Will probably do pecans instead of sunflower seeds also. Thinking of those big mushrooms…what are they called, think think…instead of meat for me. Jack and the boys will LOVE the salty Prosciutto.


Thai Beef Rolls I don’t have nook-mam so I will substitute Hoisin Sauce For fun tried Lavash Bread instead of tortillas last week. Will try making these with Lavash.


Raw Crunchy Tacos, Sliced Watermelon or Cantaloupe. I wonder if I could sneak Walnuts as Meat by my boy who avoids nuts…not allergic, just doesn’t like the texture of nuts. Could substitute Veggie Burger patties, scrambled up for walnuts. I roll the leftover pattie mix into balls, freeze them on a cookie sheet, then drop balls into zip bag and toss into freezer.


How To Make Sprouts by Figgy and Sprout



**Veggie Burgers Video  Veggie Burgers w/Quinoa Recipe , Raised Wheat Rolls, Sweet Potato Fries ( Quinoa substituted for Bulgar, add 10 sundried tomatoes to bean mixture before processing)


Grilled (Swiss) Cheese  Sandwiches, with super thin slices ( think ribbons)  of Sautéed Zucchini, Carrot, and Tomato. Baked Sweet Potato Fries. French Vanilla Ice Cream with smooshed blueberries.

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