Dinner Menu July 15-22



 Baked Ziti with added Zucchini shreds. Mixed Green Salad, Rolls


Bean Burritos  Spinach Salad, Sliced Melon


 Pistachio Crusted Eggplant Cutlets Brown Rice.


**Fritata:Potato,Scallion and Goat Cheese, Yeast Rolls, Steamed Broccoli


Gnocchi and Peas.  Note to self…Yummy, but heavy. Make this a lighter dish somehow.


Great Music for rolling Gnocchi…



**Bean, Corn, Tortilla Salad This recipe as a salad for me and Nachos for the MEN REALLY was a big hit!  Can add ground beef to make into a veggie with meat meal. ( marinate tofu for tomorrow)


**Curried Tofu, Sobo Noodles ( trying for first time, found at asiangrocer.com), Mixed Green Salad ( I sub mushrooms for the tomatoes, marinate the tofu in soy sauce overnight, and slice it into bite size pieces not big triangles)


Barefoot Contessa’s  Lemon Fusilli with Arugula  *New*  Thanks Su!!

Alternate Meals

**Hard Hats, Bacon, Roast Vegetables ( I like Canadian Bacon for this)

**Veggie Burgers Video  Veggie Burgers w/Quinoa Recipe , Raised Wheat Rolls, Sweet Potato Fries ( Quinoa substituted for Bulgar, add 10 sundried tomatoes to bean mixture before processing)

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