Sky Pie Freebie: Mellow Swatch

Howdy Happy Faces!

Going to share some homework with you. I have been taking the garden path with one of my classes…you know the garden path right? Its where you take a few steps, stop smell the roses, snap a picture, remember how good life is, and move on. Well, its a big garden! It takes time. HOOT! I signed up for this class WAY back in December 2011. Its Design Essentials Photoshop with Chelle of Chelle’s Creations. It was a self paced class so you guessed it…my pace is an unsteady meander. Weee! Just the way I like it!  Recently, Chelle decided to take the classes live. Last Thursday was the first live session and there was homework! This gives me a giggle because I don’t remember the last time I had such FUN homework!

First off I have to say how much I LOVE green and there are some terrific greens in here. I picked only one, a soft “barely” green because I am trying to push myself beyond my comfort zone and because I expected to backslide and throw all the other greens in if I ever made a something something from this swatch. I also picked the softest colors because again, my gut instinct would be to pick the strongest. See how I am stretching myself? Getting Mellow. So there you go, a peek into the mix of my mind. *grin*  Careful, don’t get dizzy and pitch forward into the abyss. *wink* Feel free to pull your own colors from the image if you think I missed an especially juicy one.

Right click the picture to snag the Swatch (.jpg) 


Download the zip below to get the colors for Photoshop (.aco file) for Illustrator ( .ase file). Keep in mind, this is free for all to use and others will be using this swatch to make kits, minis, paper packs, elements, freebies, maybe even a blog train. Weeee! Ideas are contagious! Those creations might look similar to what you may make yourself. Please no one get their creative knickers in a knot if you show up to the party both wearing the same dress. It happens. 

Download via Minus


Download via MediaFire

Happy Saturday Creative Wonders!


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  1. shuckclod
    shuckclod June 24, 2012 at 3:28 am | | Reply

    I thought you made a “ME” room. Great colors. I love those shelves. I need to make those. Yes. I build stuff :) Have a great Sunday…

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