Sky Pie Freebie: Glitter Overlays


Good Morning!  Saturday! Weee! Found this little collection of overlays sitting nice and neat in its own folder on my hard drive. I am guessing it was to be a CU offering in my store before I closed them and started the Year Of The Clementine. ( post rambles a bit, forgive me. I needed sleep) Not completely sure why I didn’t post them for sale…they look pretty great to me, but there are A LOT of circle patterns in the grouping. I only previewed one circle overlay so you will have to trust me on this…circles LOTS! *grin*  These overlays are free for personal use, if you want to use them commercially please visit the CU pass page.




Download via Minus


Download via MediaFire

Forgive me for the HUGE file size…over 60mb…while your downloading you can go do that thing you wanted to do yesterday, but never had the time…you know that thing, right? You’ve got PLENTY of time now!


…again sorry.


Hope your Saturday is bright!


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  1. 'stine
    'stine May 19, 2012 at 2:13 pm | | Reply

    Squeeeeeeeee!!! Love me some glitter! Thanks babe!!

  2. geri
    geri May 19, 2012 at 6:31 pm | | Reply


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