Art of Wild Abandonment: Sweets

In Wild Abandonment class Junelle did some awesome work with cupcake sketches. When it was time to get down to sketching I dreamed up other sweets and of them the ice cream cone sketch got my attention so I turned it into a finished piece.




The background is more of a lime green than golden yellow like my scanner sees it.   The page is gesso-ed, dried, green paint rolled on with a brayer. Dried. Sketched on, filled ice cream in with white acrylic paint. Dried.


The rest is my usual kiddie watercolor paints by Crayola, available nearly everywhere, Neocolor 2 watercolor crayons, and my for the moment two favorite pens…Sharpie Fine Point Black and Galaxy Broad Point Milky Way White. The Sharpie is a breast cancer awareness model so it was in a dollar bin at the local Walmart ( $1.00 for 2, black) only because newer, plain ones were stocked in its place. So don’t look for pink ones unless your in the dollar bin. I gave it a whirl  because of the price and loved the way it writes on anything. If it stops writing due to drying out, I just rotate it in my hand to get a new inked spot at the tip, by the time I get back around to the first dry spot its inked up again.  The Galaxy Broad Point is talked about in that blog post I made about white pens. Keep going over a spot for more intense white.

I really wanted a more lopsided cone, more…Dr. Suess. It was my sketch thought, then I got caught up in something else and forgot to wonkify it completely. It only half way wonky. Oh. Well. :)


Some Close Ups…




This reminds me of a time, when I was very young…one of my earliest memories…we lived in California ( Sacramento) and my Dad was coming home from being stationed in Iceland. We had worked hard to make the house ready for him…I didn’t I was just 4 or so. So I should say. Mom and my 5 brothers and sisters worked very hard. After the yard was beautiful and the car washed Mom took us out for Ice Cream Cones. It was SO hot that night. Dave, or was it Dan? or Randy?…crud I can’t remember. Okay, one of my  brothers went with Mom to carry the cones. He must have had 4 in each hand and they were starting to melt. Well we were in the car burning up and motioning for him to bring them. Mom was wanting him to stay at her side to pass more cones too, except she didn’t notice his burden or the melting. Finally with ice cream melting on his hands he makes a break for it…we are still motioning him “bring it!” He runs over, passes the cones through…a rolled up window…SPLAT!

Ice cream smooshes and melts all down the window and car door. The window were so clean he thought it was open.  We laughed, we cried.

What we were doing on a hot July night with rolled up windows I will never figure.

There was the tries to clean it with paper napkins, the drive home makes ice cream splatters streaming across the entire side of the car. We looked out the window to see the damage at each stop light.  The quickie rewash before picking up Dad at the base the next day. Ah Good Times!

Happy Wednesday!


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