How-Do Buckaroo!


Howdy Strangers!

Yes, its been a long time! I sure missed you all!

What have I been up to?

Unless I give you the short version you will be sorry you asked…


~ rained 10 times. …odd for our part of Texas.

~ lawn was mowed 4 times. Its an acre lawn, mower is push style…duck girls stand in the way catching bugs from the last row…you get the picture. Mowing sucks up lives.

~ built half an outdoor enclosure for the squirrel friends. Will post pictures eventually.

~ started a 10 day juice fast. Lost 5 pounds. Put my glasses in a drawer. Don’t need’um anymore. Prednisone too! …done! Weeee! More on this in future post.

~ followed up juice fast with 15 juice days plus dinner. I miss oatmeal, but otherwise. Its good!

~ new menu. Vegetarian dinners 5 nights a week. Will share the family’s faves soon.

~ tended gardens. Pulled weeds, attacked grass. Encouraged the flowers to grow. Fertilized everything that makes a bloom, fruit or seed.  I may no longer be young.

~ cut down 3 trees that died in last year’s killer summer. “sad face” 1 oak, 1 dutch elm (elder) , and 1 peach.

~ rest of the trees made it…Yippeee! …but none of the fruit trees set blooms… too windy… awe shucks!…

~ screen doors open every night and day to this wonderful weather. Its just starting to heat up now…it was glorious to have a breezy house!  

~ Annika Squirrel our pride and joy who we never thought could hack it in the wild because she was raised as a pet for a year before coming to us… and we couldn’t seem to get her to mix with other squirrels, slipped out an open screen door and ran off. We have since seen her at the local creek with a Big Red squirrel we call Chuck. She is doing fine. We might also survive with our broken hearts. 

~ saw 4 deer.

~ saw 2 barn owls.

~ 2 birds of prey fed in our yard! WHoo HOo!  and Ick!

~ bought some cool mixed media goodies. Will share in a few posts.

~ Jack took up oil painting. It will be a while before he lets me post a picture. Moody Artist, you know the type.

~ kids started making soda at home. No more lugging bottles home and we control sugar. Weeee!

~  even did a little art journaling! Wheep!

Stay tuned for more posts as the heat forces us inside. It was a lovely Spring! We got SO much done! Whoo HOO! Accomplishment! Feels GOod!

Glad to be Blogging again!

Happy Sunday!



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