Art of Wild Abandonment: White Sharpie Pen

One of the cool tools being introduced ( to me anyway)  through  Art of Wild Abandonment Class supply list is a White Sharpie Fine Tip. Okay I will admit never knowing about a white Sharpie at all much less anything smaller than standard tip. Yep! I need to get out more! Saturday 4 things needed to happen.

1. My Dana Suburban needed a test drive now that her choke was adjusted and she wasn’t ( fingers crossed) dying at idle.

2. Cages returned to the Possum Queen.

3. Breakfast at the Westside Cafe.

4. Locate White Sharpie Fine Point Pen.

…so off went Jack and I. Dana did wonderfully, breakfast was delish as usual, cages got dropped off without a hitch, and we turned our sights on Michael’s…

on the way there we saw this adorable truck for sale…just right for our boys to share. Its so Retro-Gamer-Teen! Later they would fall in love with it as well when I showed off the pictures. It was attracting a lot of attention, not just ours. Dude in picture could be my son, he looks so much like them from the back, but he’s not.


Cute, huh?

On to Michael’s

Where we found white Gel Pens by a number of manufacturers SOME that were just WAY too expensive for me!


I wanted to spend about 2-3 dollars a pen. I had already checked online and could find the Sharpie brand for about that, but with close to equal that in shipping the total came to 6-7 dollars. “For a pen!!” the cheap chick in me baulked at paying that much for shipping. SO I went to Michael’s and spent $108.00.





Oh, the pens? Right!  Save yourself some time and go look near or behind the checkouts. Jack and wandered A LOT!  

Sharpie Paint .o8 Extra Fine Point Pen


The goal was to get a few of these, but this one was the only one still sealed and the open ones had broken tips. $4 each. Got this one home to test and the tip was loose and came out with only a bit of a tug. Popped it back in. It wrote very nice still. Had to shake it for about 30seconds to a minute to get the strongest color.  I  had already written with it before the color came in, so there was mixing with ink and watercolor from the heavy oil and less ink coming out. When writing on paper, ink or dried watercolor it faded into the paper even after shaking. Will need to seal the paper with paint, mod podge, or spray sealant for the strongest color. See test at bottom. On dry Black Acrylic Paint fading was apparent.



Gelly Roll .08 Pen


Wrote on our hands REALLY well! Responsive. A bit light at times. I liked it that way for a pencil like texture. The least expensive at $1.50 each. I was not disappointed at home. It wrote well, tiny doodles of white that didn’t fade much over dry paper, stamped ( purple) and watercolor ( blue). Resting the pen to build a dot resulted in the strongest color. Very nice on dry black acrylic paint. See Test.



Pen Touch


These are usually sealed, but we found one open and tried it out. The tip was in good condition, but it wrote thicker than I wanted. VERY permenent! Its still on Jack’s hand today when he went to work and he washed his hands a lot yesterday. It was also around $5. So I didn’t dive in, instead I bought a few more Gelly Rolls.


Galaxy Marker


Nearly the same width as the Pen Touch, but tip was more tapered and responsive. Got a variety of widths based on pressure. Smelled better, felt better in my hand ( those cold paint pen barrels just seem too thick and cold. Hard to manipulate. ) this pen had a slightly textured and tapered barrel it didn’t feel like it was going to slip. Ink flowed nicely. A dryer pen compared to the Pen Touch. No fear of globs.  $1.80 each. Grabbed a handful. Also VERY permanent. At home on dry paper, ink and watercolor there was a bit of fading. Was hoping for a bit better, SO nice on the hand! Mod Podge or spray sealer will take care of it.


Sunburst by Pentel


Sealed in store, regularly $5.50 on sale for $2 I grabbed all 3 left. Trusting Pentel never leads to a bad place. Found this one in the fine art section next to the oil pastels, and sketching pencils. Faded most over dried watercolor crayons in the places where I didn’t wet well so there was waxy build up there. Did nicely over inked areas. Still faded. Sealing required. Like the Gelly Roll pen it did exceptional over dry black acrylic paint.




The two cheapest pens ( under $2 each)  The Galaxy Marker in Milky Way White for thicker lines and The Gelly Roll .08 for thin lines created the strongest color without sealing. Sealing would be recommended in all cases no matter what if strong contrast is what you want. It’s what I am after most of the time. Seal. Seal. Seal.

I am not sure I would risk $4 on a Sharpie White again, but it may have been an unfair test with the broken tip. Anyone out there have a White Sharpie Extra Fine Paint Pen to show off? Would love to see! Another pen you love, I didn’t try? Do tell!!

Hope you find this rundown useful, I had a great time testing everything and of course LOVE the big pile of pens I NOW have in my stash! Weeee!


Happy Monday, Friends!


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  1. Ummaro
    Ummaro March 19, 2012 at 9:43 pm | | Reply

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sounds like me, LOL…I usually drop between $80 & $150 at the craft store! But it’s most often Craft Warehouse or Joann’s Fabric & Crafts. Our Michaels is pretty sad…but at least there’s a couple of them fairly close, if I really need something. I just wish the staff there had more of a clue what they had and where to find it!
    OK, soon as my grilled ham & cheese and tomato soup settles, I’m gonna go blog about PB’s trip to the orthopod today, post 2nd MRI. The plot thickens…

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