Art of Wild Abandonment: Started

Being a bit bold in saying “Started”. Barely scratching the surface is a better way to look at it. Yet, a start is a start. So the title stays! WHOOT!

This week was full of important gifts. Jack brought home a nasty something or other from his Jury Duty experience. A terrible coughing, high-fever thing that shook him completely and although Dillon and I don’t have a full on case, Nathan got SO sick. Terribly high fever, complete loss of appetite and so weak!  He slept so hard. Admission: I become quite a freak when my kids get sick.  Thank God Above his fever finally broke this morning. Sigh of relief!

The gifts, you ask? Well, you know from your own lives how easy it is to take others for granted so this might ring through as a gift to you also. Since Dillon and Nathan were in bed most of the week and Jack coughing his way to work and barely making it home to fall into bed each night I had a VERY quiet week. Lonesome actually. I often feel the need to have a little quiet time, now I know “a little” is all I need…not a weeks worth! *grin* It took these special set of circumstances to teach me this lesson and more. I am thoroughly part of this family group and find it hard to be without these wonderful people’s noise.  I also see I do not really know how to be alone, in my childhood with a house full of brothers and sisters I learned how to be in myself all that chaos, big families have a comforting NOISE to them. Soothing. After that and the constant chatter my boys and I have going on most of the time. I have become uncomfortable with silence. Its been silent this week. Eerie.

Also, when its time for the work around here, and there is plenty of that…pets, wildlife, chores, yardwork, paperwork, honey-dos, but this week only one person, me…to do it. I have a new appreciation for ALL my men do around here. I found my “freetime” close up into a tiny dot as my morning routine got longer and longer. After lunch routine stretched right up to dinner prep and after dinner/before bed routine seemed to jump me from behind.

Blessed The Hands That Share The Work.

Tired. Lonesome. Grateful. Open to life’s lessons.

…Enter Art of Wild Abandonment!

Janet B my dear art enabler, worker bee and all around good buddy got me interested in this class a few weeks ago. She reached out from Virginia to grab my Texas hand asking, Wanna Play?  That is all it took!  The timing for its start seemed prickly…my week wasn’t giving up much in the way of freetime, and the perfectionist ( recovering, always recovering) wanted to be in it from the gitty-up so I didn’t miss anything. I remind myself constantly not to be a brat! …and that these classes are online and waiting on me at my convenience so I dipped a toe even though I couldn’t set aside a block of time. Just remembering, WHEN exactly I WAS able to set aside a block of time for anything that wasn’t crying, bleeding, hungry or throwing up?  You too?  Might be time for me to abandon that messed up thinking. You too?

I found 15 minutes to watch a video or two and felt my spirits lift! Weeee!


I found this book at the Goodwill a few weeks ago thinking to use it as an Art Journal, you know just gesso over the pages? I thought I could do it even though its imprinted on me to not write in a bookeven in pencil.  I told myself its out of date (1953) tasteless drivel about collection art from China, why would I care about any of that?? It has thick pages whispering for paint, the kind of thick paper unseen in books for many years and it’s the perfect size to carry around. The binding is perfect too, nice and tight. The cover is plain and linen textured in red and black superb coolness. It just FEELS good to the touch. “This will be my new Art Journal”, I proclaimed!!


Then I started reading it.

Chapter 1 is supposed to be The Art of Collecting. Finally something I can cover up…sounds dumb! I had already read the preface, introduction and contents each page had some valuable bit of wisdom painting over would cover forever, couldn’t do it.  So I scanned a few pages of chapter 1 to make sure it WAS in fact, dumb. Crap. Stories of collectors, colorful characters. Like George Salting who made loads of money in Australian Wool who pinched every penny in as much as sending back a store bought cake for a refund when the guests  he bought it for did not show up. Saved him 2 shillings! Lived in a cramped flat, didn’t own a car, took the bus everywhere. Even fetched the Crown Prince of Sweden on the bus, for fear of paying for a taxi. Of course not only did this guy collect expensive Chinese Art pieces but he is know to have paid more than they were worth because when it came to what he liked he didn’t see the cost. Donated everything he bought to the Victoria and Albert Museum as soon as he bought it because there was no where to keep it in the tiny space he lived. So perfectly strange he could be my relative! Love it!

Luckily I will be needing a sketch book for Wild Abandonment Class, not an Art Journal. So I can keep reading this dumb book!


Happy Weekend My Lovelies!


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