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Oh, it rained all weekend so instead of working all my plans for outside work, we stayed in nodding off to movies and re-watched 30 Rock in  Marathon Format on Netflix Streaming. No pictures! You all know what nodding off to TV looks like so no need to give you the play by play.

I did get at some shopping…online…Here are some recent buys I can’t keep quiet about…  images linked.


At Gingerscraps…Wyld Web Designs


I really fell for this one, its playful, realistic, and SO TRUE!  There is also an add-on.

Signature Pack which I thought was brilliant! I want to make stuff like this someday! Weee!!


Scrapbookgraphics  Julie “Redju”

How do I love thee?

I blew my wallet at Julie’s …it should be a tee-shirt! Calling her Julie now because she is soon to be a Civilian!!

So much of her high quality goodies I simply drooled over and never bought, well

ladies if you are like me you have ALL your excuses lifted. Get Crackin’!!

Julie is retiring… letting that sink in

She will be GREATLY missed!!

What I DID buy over the years I cherished and used like CRAZY!!!

I expect to be using the retirement sale items for many years!

Always thankful for her lovely stitches and how great an extractor she is…


Check out these babies above! I love to extract too, but I have a limit to my love. Not Julie!

This is some hard, intricate work …I saved hours of tedious work just looking at the preview! HOot!!

An absolute MUST HAVE is one of her stitches packs…at least one!

19 Pages of goodies to stroll through for the last time.



Thanks for the inspiration Redju!!!


 Oscraps  Biograffiti

Buy My Store $25

I am new to Biograffiti not being a Project Lifer or Project 365-er,  but I found WAY more that 25 bucks worth of goodies here.

Hold on to your HAT …183 products. Now I have not actually did the shopping on this one or read the fine print on the sale inclusions, but I am adding it on this page because I am addicted to multiples of  THREE! So don’t freak out and call my mother on me, if not all 183 products are included. 

I fell in love with the Photo Album Template Packs. This one especially…I married a square. Love him edges to corners!


I have never made an album and I didn’t want to start from scratch, NOW I feel like jumping in!!  Weeee!

Biograffiti DID retire, btw and this BUY MY STORE sale of her goodies has been extended, but will not last forever!

Hugs and Kisses Friends!

Happy Shopping!


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  1. Daphane
    Daphane February 28, 2012 at 3:36 pm | | Reply

    I bought her store when she announced retirement and it was absolutely incredible. Do yourself a favor and buy it if you havent already. Best $ digiscrap money i have ever spent!! I love biograffiti!

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