Eureka! Sweet Computorial Satisfaction!


Wednesday I blogged about Photoshop CS4 using Live Writer. Hum-dee-dum-dee. That’s me feeling satisfied and happy. I soon had toast with smashed banana. Rubbed my full belly. Went on my merry way driving here and there and playing with squirrels.   Welcome Thursday or as I remember it… Live Writer Fatal Error Day. Live Writer will not open. Electrical Guys gave us a new transformer out by the road and even though I turned my computer off and unplugged it. When it booted up it was a bit funky. Live Writer the worst hit. I spend 5 hours researching and trying to fix it. I tried a dozen things that do not work. Sad knows my name. Angry knows my name. Good thing it was Errand Day too and we bought a deli-made pizza for dinner or it would have been cereal. Sad and Angry don’t cook. 

Friday Afternoon. Email acting weird. Each time I get a Facebook email it crashes Outlook Express. Yes, I still use Outlook Express. I spend a few hours trying to find help on Jack’s computer. Have YOU BEEN to Facebook HELP? More like, Facebook Hinder. IMHO, Genius Folk make terrible help sections and they don’t get any brainier than at Facebook. Knowing how the commonly brain-blocked learn is pivotal for putting together a decent help section. Too bad I am a Facebook flunky or I could be Chief Executive of Common Brain Studies for them.

So after getting flogged by the help section. I decided to play with my new scanner. This thing could put rockets into space. Time to feel dumb again.

  By Dinner, the internet is not working, well it was. I was connected to my network and all that jazz, but fatal errors kept me from getting truly connected. I decide not to share my misery with Jack when he walks through the door. Who would want to come home to that?? I am a lot of things but Friday Kill-Joy? No Ma’am. No Sir.  We have a nice night, so nice in fact I decide to not worry about the internet, email, live writer mess on Saturday. I just used Jack’s computer to check a few emails and make some lists and felt my urge to kill drain away.

I am reminded of the time Jack and I were nursing a VCR along. It was on its last leg and sure to eat a tape our dear little boys lived and breathed by, but we were saving money to buy a house so REFUSED to buy a new one. One night when we couldn’t get the thing to work, Again.  Jack quietly said he had a tool out in the garage to fix it. ( Oh, for the days when we had a garage…a rented house with a garage, but still a garage!!) He took the VCR outside with him and curiously he took the remote too. Hmmm?

I wondered how he was going to work the thing without a TV when I “heard” him fixing the VCR with a sledge hammer. Looking out the window I surveyed the scene. VCR flying up 2 ft each time the hammer slammed down. Jack now raising the hammer over his head for the next blow. He went on until he could not lift the fixer. He left it there in the driveway, remote with batteries in bits too!

Got in the car.

Drove to Target.

Bought a new VCR, batteries, pack of cigarettes too.

That was back when we both smoked. We had all but given them up ( saving for the house, how tedious) We sat on the back porch, smoking and admiring Jack’s handy work.  Every so often one of us would giggle. We would gently bump shoulders in satisfaction.

The kids slept right through it all.


Sunday came and I was torn up over it again. I had documented Friday’s special date with pictures. I decided I was going to use the WordPress Editor to post at least the pictures. As I am sure all of you know, working on someone else’s computer is a nightmare. How does Jack get anything done with that twisted setup?? 3 hours later I had 14 pictures posted with a description of each. I felt rode hard and put up wet. People with horses will get that one.

Looking beat Jack wonders aloud, what is your problem girlie!… and out it comes. The whole unsorted mess. tears, sniffs and hugs. At 11pm on a Sunday night, my hero Jack is doing a start up repair on my computer, and when that doesn’t work. We try a few other tidbits. Finally in the wee hours I send him to bed and dink around a bit on my own. Nothing. Okay I did get email to start working again. Got an email from Kim about some YUMMY goodies she is unveiling Friday, but couldn’t get a peek at them. That is when I remembered my responsibilities. I must tell Kim I am disabled. LOL! As soon as I did, I stumbling upon a few dropped Java Update Files msi5b.tmp, msic1.tmp, and one other one I can’t remember. Had coffee with Jack and we talked excitedly that this might just work! LOL! Off he went to work those fingers to the bone. I fed the wildlife and turned the ducks loose of their duck house, gathered the eggs, checked the weather cause it looked like rain. Then went back to computer work. Cleaned the registry, re-installed Java, Updated Internet Explorer 8, ( got internet WHOO HOO!)  Tried repairing Windows Live Writer. No go. Un-installed/Re-installed it and here I am typing my tale of woe and triumph on a working copy of Live Writer!! With the internet AND email all functioning!!




Joy knows my name. 

Hurry Home Jack we got shoulder bumping to do! Mwah!

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  1. Ummaro
    Ummaro November 14, 2011 at 12:29 pm | | Reply

    You and Jack are an awesome pair! It makes my heart happy to hear about how you two work together to get things done…thanks for sharing your stories.
    And I’m SO glad you’re back on the interwebs…I don’t know what I’d do without you!

  2. 'stine
    'stine November 14, 2011 at 2:09 pm | | Reply

    I think more than shoulder bumping is called for Bean…. 😉

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