Snow Styles 02

I don’t see much snow living in Texas. Never did see much growing up in Arizona either. Facing facts I am sure longing for snow is much more fun than day in day out snow. I think that is why I make snow styles. This is the second batch so I can see I love the IDEA of snow more than actual cold wet stuff. Digital Snow for ME!! 

These Styles are a bit more representational than the first set.  Snowlines ( style 7 )  is my interpretation of blowing lines of snow far away. There is that IDEA of snow thing again. Style 8, Snowball Barrage is all about slinging snowballs. In my world, snowballs bounce!   Doink!


This VERY red background is not in the styles at all. They are all white on clear backgrounds with some dropshading, inner shading, with a bit of glow added in. Those layers can be removed for just the pattern to show. They are also re-colorable. If you don’t want white, but think the Sleet Style ( 4 ) would be great in gray, apply the style, add a transparent layer, merge down and re-color as usual.

These are 40% off through the weekend!



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