Broken Toes


I woke up to a run on the store! WHOOHOO!  Thanks everyone for buying my stuffs! Weeee! Such a good feeling to see such sweet validation! Hugs and Kisses, Sweet peas!

As promised ( and to clear my camera for more videos) I have posted Jack and Angel’s Tae Kwon Do Match.  Jack and Angel helped each other prepare for their first competition. In the end it came down to the two of them on competition day. Jack is red, Angel is blue. Angel broke toes on Jack’s knee at one point. When you kick my man, that is what you get! *wink*

The shaky is me. I am sitting on the back of Nate’s chair to get above the crowd. ( Nate’s red hair in the picture) I was hungry and twitchy. It was a long day of hurry up and wait. I didn’t want to eat mystery meat hotdogs or salty nachos with pudding cheese. Is that really cheese?  Why did I think there would be healthy food to buy?  All these athlete’s around, right? Nope, the same food served at a Tractor Pull. I learned from a few TKD moms. They bring grapes, apples, crackers and peanut butter and other great finger foods packed in little plastic containers ( SO smart!) along with plenty of water for their little Pillsbury Dough-Kids. Well that is what they look like in sparring gear! HOOT!  We remembered the water, Thank Goodness!

Okay, I am rambling… on with my day, Folks!


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  1. 'Stine
    'Stine October 14, 2010 at 5:36 am | | Reply

    Don’t be kickin’ Jack…he will BUST SOME BONES!!!!! 😛

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