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Less Jodiann

Less Jodiann

  About 8 months ago I went to the doctor because I was losing my hair and was so short of breath I could not climb the stairs. I had gained close to 50 lbs in the less than 3 months without trying hard. Can you say, cankles? I still thought nothing much was wrong. I just didn’t want to… Read more →

Errand Day

I really screwed up this time! I scheduled a cleaning and an ortho appointment for each child today each so close together and two cities apart there was no time for error. Fail. Of course one went over and all had to be rescheduled. It made for a long day and one will still have to wait for another time…. Read more →

Clean Out Your Fridge Stew!

Tomorrow is errand day and new groceries will be coming in, so today I cleaned out the fridge and got down the BIG crockpot to start a stew with all the odd ends. I will do the chop, chop and seer while the boys work their Japanese and Geography. Here is what I found to throw in… 2 pre-baked potatoes…. Read more →