Groove? Really?



Got an email from Patrice P. saying I was back in the groove!  Which made me think… GROOVY! Like this…

Thank you Patrice, you are a sweet peach! I will take that even though I feel like I have been bouncing around for the last 3 weeks!

Hubby’s Giant Vacation adventure is done, he tucked back into work yesterday and though we were all ready to for it to end we really had a lovely time having him home. I vow next time to take the time off my work as well, just as we took off school. I don’t know why I kept continuing to work when sometimes the fact that I was working held up the fun.

I will pat myself on the back for not demolishing the downstairs shower/bath combo plastic insert thingie and converting it to shower only and adding storage in the left over space. I have wanted that nasty thing gone since we moved in 15 years ago, but something always stopped me. Most of the time that was Jack and I not on the same page on how the renovation should go. Now we are getting there. Our 40’s are mellowing us both and we are better DIY buddies than we were in the first 2 decades of our marriage. We fought terribly for what we wanted and it was never the same thing! ( like brother and sister! LOL!)

So when Jack would go away on a Man Vacation with his best friend, Chuck. I would round up the kids and tear into something, never a little thing…repaint the interior of the house, tear out all the carpet in the house, tile where I tore out the carpet. It was insanity. I loved it! But this year, I stayed my hand. After planning it out, and writing out the supply list, I found…I really wanted to demo that shower with Jack. I also wanted to have a nice relaxing time with my kiddos. Which we did. Nate came up with a killer strategy while playing RISK and we watched some wonderful movies.

If you haven’t seen Miracle at St. Anna by Spike Lee. Rent it! I was one of the best ones we saw.  I also have to recommend All About Steve with Sandra Bullock. I know it got some Razzies but I loved it. I laughed myself silly. It reminds me of a guy I knew ( or should I say threw myself at mercilessly) and though less dramatic than the movie and I never wore shiny boots, I was that goof girl. Nice trip down memory lane!

Anyway, I might be on the road to what vacations are good for.

I am even thinking of a Girlie Vacation for myself. Where would I go? What would I do? and who would I take along?  WHOO HOO!

Any Ideas?


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  1. Su Hall
    Su Hall June 22, 2010 at 7:30 pm | | Reply

    I hear the Gulf of Mexico is nice this time of year. (snicker-snicker). I wish you a grand ol’ time, where ever you decide!



  2. Shannon - Desert Designs
    Shannon - Desert Designs June 24, 2010 at 2:27 pm | | Reply

    You’ll always be welcome in the Desert!

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