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12 Bokeh Styles ( boke = blur in Japanese)  These simulate a blurred reflection when a camera looks into a light source. Use these Transparent Styles behind a photo mat, extracted photo, to fill in an element, to create papers, to make photo mats, as an overlay right on your photos. Duplicate the layer you wish to see then add this bokeh style, since it is built to replace whatever is on the layer its applied to.

All of these styles can easily be re-colored, but the light whites with grey or yellow tones have been made especially for re-coloring, one of each shape. Special Thanks to KOL for the inspiration!

Original Styles created by Jodiann Cates using Photoshop CS3.

PS7, PSCS, PSCS2, PSCS3, PSCS4 and PSE compatible.

Drop Shadow Free.

Quality Checked.

This purchase contains:

12 Bokeh Styles; Seamless and adjustable in .ASL format 300 ppi.

1 Text Document with Unpacking and Installing Instructions.

CU4CU CU PU S4H S4O Commercial License Included.

You may use these PS Styles to create your own products to sell. With the exception of using them to build Styles Sets or Patterns Sets for resale.


Let me show you hot to make a cool reflective paper in Photoshop with these Bokeh Styles. Its super quick and lots of fast fun!

1. Start with a 12 x 12 300 PPI Transparent Image.


2. In your Tool Palette load a semi-dark shade of your favorite color. Today mine is 466c8d


3. Now load a lighter shade of same color.  I pulled from a lighter but grey-er section of the same color window to get a0b2c1


                      Looks like this when loaded…


4. Choose your Gradient Tool


5. Click top center of your 12×12 image> drag down > release.  To get this below.


You can go corner to corner to add an angle but for now its a simple light to dark, top to bottom gradient paper.

6. Duplicate Layer.

7. Apply a Bokeh Style. I used Bokeh Point of Light Style 10. Setting the Pattern Scale to 184.

           To set pattern scale, double click words” Pattern Overlay” in your layers palette.


8. Add a New Blank Layer ( Shift + Control + N)

9. Drag Style Layer over Blank Layer.

10. Merge Down.

11. Apply Gaussian Blur by 25.0. Reduce Opacity to 42%.


12. Duplicate Layer 1 ( Gradient Layer) Drag to top of Layers Palette.


13. Apply Same Style again. Scale Style to 200.


Don’t be afraid to mess with the opacity of this top layer to soften the effect or even re-color it if you like.

14. Save at a PSD to preserve layers.

15. Then, save at a JPG to save your reflective paper as a flattened image for sharing or to work on later.

Happy Weekend!


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