Indoor Rain!

Hey Kiddos, after a long weekend of working in the garden crunching every hand tool imaginable with these old hands, I knocked off early and the boys stayed up late. Good thing they were awake because the fill pump on the toilet went wacko and flooded the house. In less than a hour a running toilet left 2 inches of standing water.  Clean water only! Phew!

One look at the kitchen and we knew something was up…dogs all huddled in there ( high ground) instead of on their doggie beds and sofas. After a night of wet vac ( Jack)  and towel ringing ( myself and the boys) these old hands were wishing I didn’t spend so much time in the garden.  I should have saved some finger mus-ckles for a mild catastrophe! WHOOT!

Anywhoo, today is more clean up and salvage, gotta dry this place out! Thank God for the nudge to install tile all those years ago. Only one bedroom with carpet got hit and it was the doggie bedroom! Weee! Even in hardship God is good.  So not much computing is happening this day, I will be back tomorrow to check in. Its cold today or I would open the house up to dry, yesterday the wind nearly knocked us over outside, would be nice to have some of that working in our favor. Its as still as can be out there this morning…go figure! We have fans ( fake wind) to help us dry up.

We learned something last night, we are a great team! We each found a job and sloshed around next to, on, around and in the face of each other and no one got wild eyed, actually we seemed to be having a pretty good time!! That’s messed up! LOL!

Jack got going for work this morning ( after 2 hours sleep! Go Dude!) and said, …”At least the floors are REALLY clean!”  Always a silver lining! The walls might be soft and mushy at the bottom but the floors are spic and span!! WHOOT!!  I am sure he is happy to go off to DRY work and not have to tackle the clean up and throw away… as well as the mountain of laundry we made sopping up! For years I have let him believe doing laundry is extremely hard! Well a girl has to have some mystery, right?  When he left he bid me good luck with all that. I told him we have machines to do laundry now, he just laughed.  I wonder if he believes me? What must he think those big square things in the “laundry” room are for? *snicker*

Hugs and Dryness!~ *wink*


Something to get me in the mood to work…

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  1. 'Stine
    'Stine March 29, 2010 at 6:56 am | | Reply

    Oh Lord I can just imagine the mayhem at teh Bean ranch!!! ROFL!!

    Shakin my hiney to the Peas…..
    .-= ‘Stine´s last blog ..TGIM & a freebie =-.

  2. Shannon - Desert Designs
    Shannon - Desert Designs March 29, 2010 at 8:53 am | | Reply

    Oh my – sounds like you guys did indeed have an adventure – at least you had a shop vac to help suck the water out! I blogged the new bits and your CC giftie since I used it in the new theme. :)
    .-= Shannon – Desert Designs´s last blog ..Facelift and Coupon =-.

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